Song Samples From Our Repertoire

Our Appearance on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor
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30-Second MP3 Samples

A Cappella Stella - she don't need a man.
Bandstand - we are much with the Manilow, baby.
The Breakup - you knew the bills were in my name!
Chocolate - beans from Brazil, milk from a cow.
Don't Put It In Your Mouth - don't make me pull over this car.
Java Jive - and it loves us, too.
June - okay...sometimes we're serious (don't tell anyone).
Kiss Him Goodbye - na na, hey hey, etc.
Little Shop of Horrors - look out! Shang a-lang!
Where the Hell's the Milk? - where's the stupid milk?!
A Musical Apology - I didn't mean it. Maybe I do now.
The Name Game - is Shelley Long, or short?
Route 66 - get your kicks.
Since You've Been Gone - a Weird Al song!
The Space Needle - it's gone up to 19 dollars now, though.
Sugartime - honey, I don't think you're on my diet.
Suzy - won't you come out tonight?

Photo credits - PHC photos shot from stage courtesy of Scott Garside, the rest from Photo Phantaseas and other friends.
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