Bodacious in 2002

Photo: JennyB, Loretta, and Carolyn sing at Carolyn's wedding, 2002.
L'Histoire des Dames Bodacieuses

February 1999 was the first time these gals occupied the same singing space, taking part in the startup of a new six-member a cappella group that would be named the Sassycats. Over the next year, all three women would end up leaving the group for one reason or another. The following three years found Jenny, Loretta and Carolyn hooking up at one gathering or another and they just couldn't stop singing together. Mexican restaurant parking lots, friends' living rooms, no place was exempt from their guerilla-style harmonizing.
Finally, at Carolyn's wedding in 2002, it was suggested that they start singing together again, just for fun. By the next year, plans for their first show were in the works. As the year turned to 2004, Bodacious Ladyhood was named and they were off and running. Since then Bodacious Ladyhood has played to sold out houses at Thumper's Cabaret on the Hill and delighted at private parties.
David Edward-Hughes of Talkin' Broadway calls them "vibrant-voiced chanteuses" and "a must see." JJ DeWitt of SeattleActor.com says Bodacious Ladyhood "create[s] an evening of showstopping entertainment." With humor and variety as their hallmarks, Bodacious Ladyhood enjoys tailoring their selections to fit special audiences. Their repertoire includes a vast range of styles including folk, '60s girl group, humorous, rock and jazz. From Lacey to Tacoma to Seattle, these ladies continue to harmonize. Who knows where it will take them next?

FAHbulous paisley!

Color photo by Heather Braden